Datasheets Sales Flyer Drivers Certification
G-HSM-9SK G-HSM-9SK 9 Point Hot Spot Monitor with Display G-HSM-9SK Datasheet G-HSM-9SK Sales Flyer G-HSM-9SK Certification
G-HSM-18K G-HSM-18K 18 Point Hot Spot Monitor G-HSM-18K Datasheet G-HSM-18K Sales Flyer G-HSM-18K Certification
Vibration & Temperature Node Vibration & Temperature Node Advanced edge processing and rugged Zigbee compatible communication monitors vibration and temperature to insightfully predict health on rotating equipment. Vibration & Temperature Node Datasheet Vibration & Temperature Node Sales Flyer
Panel-Mount CloudGate or Node Panel-Mount CloudGate or Node Easy to configure with a wide selection of inputs, transducers, radios, and power options; these nodes can be mounted in a GracePort® housing or other user-specified enclosures. Configured as a CloudGate with LTE or WiFi, it can provide support to thousands of nodes, making the architecture massively scalable. Panel-Mount CloudGate or Node Datasheet Panel-Mount CloudGate or Node Sales Flyer
Datasheets Sales Flyer Drivers Certification
MODBUS Current Sensor MODBUS Current Sensor A split core Hall Effect based device which easily integrates into Hot Spot Monitor (HSM) to log RMS current continuously. MODBUS Current Sensor Datasheet
High Temp Probe High Temp Probe The High-Temperature Probe is designed to monitor temperatures of up to 160°C (320°F). High Temp Probe Datasheet
Ambient Probes Ambient Probes
15M Probes 15M Probes
Ring-Style Lug Ring-Style Lug Optional Ring-style lugs